Recipe: Orange salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange salad


I have mint leaves and pick it up to make this sweet and sour salad. Lemon mustard honey olive oil dressing is the basic model, anyway, when the fruit is cut, a lot of juice flows out, not wasted, put it in.



  1. Wash the salad (can be done without) and wash it on the plate.

  2. Grapefruit and orange are cut into pieces and laid.

  3. The mint leaves are shredded and sprinkled on the oranges, and the cheese is also chopped.

  4. The red onion is chopped and mixed with the juice. If it is sour, then put a little honey, try the taste and pour it on the salad.


If you don't have lemon juice, use vinegar. Look at the oranges are sweet and not sweet, honey can not be added.

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