Recipe: Orange rum coconut maiden orange rum coconut shred muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange rum coconut maiden orange rum coconut shred muffin


Maifen was the second to be diligent. The orange Maifen, orange and orange changed from the teacher of Nakajima. There is still a difference between orange and orange. I still don’t add eggs. I used to make some adjustments to the original formula. Consumption of oranges that have not been eaten, it is recommended to use 赣南脐橙, juicy, natural fruity. In addition, I feel that orange and rum are also unexpectedly caught. This muffin is a [wet] taste, not [not cooked] Please note that begging the small masters to see clearly and then do, like [thick and micro] is not suitable for this recipe, you can search for other recipes in the kitchen. 1 teaspoon = 5ml measuring spoon 1 tablespoon = 15ml measuring spoon [Maple syrup] No honey can be used instead of [buking powder] I use RUMFORD's aluminum-free baking powder recipe to make 3 medium-sized muffins. Shirakawa's muffin series:



  1. Cut the oranges and cut 3 slices of oranges and set aside. Scrap the remaining orange peel with a grater or planer. Then squeeze the peeled oranges out of 50g of orange juice, try to be juice, and squeeze out the pomace pulp. Otherwise, the pomace will be baked for a while and the taste will be a bit horrible.

  2. All the B-type materials are poured into the cooking pot and stirred with a spatula until the sugar melts.

  3. Sieve into Class A material and mix well.

  4. Put the batter into the mold, put the orange slices in the C material, and sprinkle with a little coconut shreds. Don't sprinkle too much or not.

  5. The oven is preheated to 180 degrees. 180 degrees, middle, up and down, 20-25 minutes.


After the release, the middle is originally soft, can be used in the oven for a period of time, need to wait for the cold to eat, the next day want to eat hot and then heat. It’s not that it’s not cooked. It’s not wet. It’s not cooked. It’s not wet. It’s not cooked. It’s wet! The important thing to say three times!

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