Recipe: Orange Peelly Sweet Cream Cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange Peelly Sweet Cream Cheese


Indiscriminately, it is a luxury formula that only the family can afford. The ratio can be adjusted as long as the dough is dry and wet. I didn't want to build a recipe at the beginning, and I didn't take a step chart, but Si Kang is a routine, and the text is completely understandable...



  1. Mix the flour, sugar, and baking powder into the cooking pot, then put the cheese into the flour, divide it with a spatula, bury it in the flour, and rub the hands together to mix the flour and the cheese into coarse grains. Add vegetable oil and continue to smash into coarse grains.

  2. Add the chopped orange peel to mix, pour the Bailey liqueur, mix with the scraper and mix with the milk, then add the milk to mix, into a slightly wet dough without dry powder.

  3. The dough is taken out by a squeegee, placed on a flour-plated operation table, and the flour is also adhered to the hand, and the hand is pressed into a rectangular shape, folded from the left and right sides of the 1/3 to the middle, and then pressed to a thickness of not more than 2 cm. Cut into triangles or use a mold to pull out the shape and place it on the baking sheet.

  4. Place in the middle layer of the oven that has been preheated to 180 degrees, bake for 18 minutes to 25 minutes, and master the time according to the personality of your own oven.


This is not easy to color because there is no sugar and no egg. If you are not cooked, you can open the tube to 250 degrees to make it color. Be careful not to over-weight. You can use butter or add amount. I know that I am a meager person. I would like to omit the vegetable oil. Sugar is also the same. This ratio is orange and rich, and Bailey sweet is not particularly obvious, but it can be made out, sweet, and I just eat it. When the skin is not cool, it should be put away. It is best to reheat when eating, to restore the soft and soft taste outside.

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