Recipe: Orange peel sugar (tallow sugar)

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange peel sugar (tallow sugar)


I saw that the king had a lot of good inventory envy, but I don’t know how lemon sugar is made. The lemon peel that I just wiped out must not be used. It will slowly change the syrup, so I ponder this method, let the water evaporate and dry in the oven. Into the dried lemon, dried oranges, mixed in the sugar, inside the coarse salt, when the bread is made into a cake, it will be especially fragrant~ The basic proportion of at least 500 grams of sugar should be used with two oranges or two lemon skins. Otherwise the taste will be very light~



  1. Use lemon or orange to grater with a grater~

  2. Tiled in the baking tray ~110 degrees, about 60 minutes ~ according to their own oven to adjust, the thinner the wire is shorter, the shorter the time, you can open the oven to view the drying degree, avoid the temperature is too high to burn ~

  3. Mix the dried lemon or orange peel into the sugar and pour it into the sealed bottle. The longer the taste, the better.

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