Recipe: Orange paper cup hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange paper cup hurricane



  1. Prepare materials

  2. After the orange is washed and dried, use a planer to plan the surface of the skin. Do not plan the white part. The white part is bitter.

  3. Mix the squeezed fresh orange juice with the salad oil

  4. Mix step 3 with a spatula until the oil does not separate.

  5. In step 4, sieve the sieve into a low powder and mix it with no particles.

  6. Add the egg yolk to the smooth and no granules in step 5.

  7. Add the orange crumbs in step 6 and mix well to form the egg yolk paste.

  8. Protein is added into fine sugar three times to dry foaming

  9. Well-made protein cream

  10. The meringue is mixed three times with the method of cutting and mixing with the egg yolk paste.

  11. Mixed cake paste

  12. Mix the cake into the paper cup, seven or eight minutes, 160 degrees, 60 minutes or so

  13. Let it cool after being baked

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