Recipe: Orange Orange Torretta

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange Orange Torretta


Fang Zi from "The Secret of Fruit Cakes" replaces the traditional Caska sauce with orange curd, which looks a little complicated puff tower, but the patient operation will find it not difficult ~ [[ Making a circular puff tower with a diameter of 15cm]]



  1. Making puffs: 1. Cut 30g of unsalted butter into small dices, mix it with 50g of water and put it into the milk pot. Heat it over medium heat to boil over the white foam. Turn off the sifted 35g low-gluten flour. Stir well with a wooden spoon and heat on a small fire. Stir while heating until the batter rubs over the bottom of the milk pot to form a white mucous membrane. 2. Turn off the batter and remove it from the pot with a spatula. Add 75g in 3 times. Egg liquid, each time you add it with a wooden spoon, stir it evenly and then add it until the next time, until the wooden spoon is lifted, the batter that can be brought up can form a triangle with a pointed angle down (may not need to use all the egg liquid). Put the batter into the piping bag, open an 8mm opening at the tip, take a circular mold with a diameter of 15cm or a mousse ring on the baking sheet of the oiled paper, and squeeze a circle along the inner ring of the mold. The round shape should be about 5mm away from the inner ring of the mold, leaving enough room for the batter to expand when baking. 4. Squeeze all the remaining batter on the oil paper into a circular shape with a diameter of 2.5cm. Small pointed tips are gently pressed and fed Good hot oven 200 degrees bake 25 minutes the middle, do not open the oven door during the 5, after all baked puff and let cool completely, if the air humidity, stored in a sealed bag to prevent the need to soften

  2. Making the base: Cut the frozen pie into a round shape with a diameter of 17cm, feed it into the middle layer of the preheated 190 degree oven, bake for 20 minutes, bake it and take it out and let it cool.

  3. Make orange creme cream: 1. 225g freshly squeezed orange juice, half orange orange dander and 22g lemon juice, pour into the milk pan and heat to slightly boiling; while heating, mix 3 egg yolks in the mixing bowl and 50g of fine sugar, stir with egg to lighten the color, add 24g of low-gluten flour and continue to stir evenly. Pour a small amount of orange lemon juice into a small portion of the egg yolk paste and stir quickly. Pour the remaining agitation. After evenly, the whole milk is poured back into the milk pan and heated without stirring until a thick paste is formed. Turn off the orange curd into a heat-resistant container, close the upper surface and cover the plastic wrap, and send it to the refrigerator. Refrigerate to completely cold 3, 75g whipped cream with electric egg beater to send high speed to nine points, take the frozen orange orange curd out of the refrigerator, stir with egg dipping, add cream and continue to stir evenly, put into the bubble In the flower bag of Fuhuazui, it is sent to the refrigerator for storage.

  4. Poke a hole in the bottom of all the round puffs with chopsticks and fill in the orange curd cream.

  5. Make caramel: 60g of fine granulated sugar and 20g of water are mixed, put into the pot and heat it until the local color turns yellow. Gently shake the pot to make it evenly colored. When the whole color becomes caramel, turn off the fire and move the pot from the stove. open

  6. Heat a pinch of caramel on the edge of the baked pie, stick the ring puff on the pie, and then put the top of each round puff with caramel, and the bottom is arranged on the oil paper. After all the puffs are dip, take the puffs of the same size, take a little caramel at the bottom, stick to the top of the ring puffs, and leave the remaining caramel on the oil paper and cool to a caramel slice.

  7. Put two puffs inside the puff tower, chop the 40g berries, mix with the orange curd cream, fill the inside of the puff tower until the top of the ring puffs, level with the back of the spoon Flat surface

  8. Decoration: 1, 100g whipped cream and 10g fine sugar mixed, use electric egg beater to send high-speed to nine minutes, put into the scented flower bag of St. Anna's flower mouth, neatly extrude the pattern on the puff tower 2 Cut a slice of orange about 3mm thick, use the kitchen paper to gently absorb the water, cut in half and twist it into a pattern, gently put it on the cream, then insert the caramel pieces, decorate the berries and edible green food. Leaves, and finally sprinkle with the right amount of frozen dried strawberries.

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