Recipe: Orange Muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange Muffin


If the weather is cold, I don't want to eat fruit directly. The remaining oranges have to be consumed quickly. Orz This time, the emulsification method is used, and the formula can be made into medium-sized paper cups.



  1. Cut the orange meat (the juice can also be preserved), try not to have white flesh, it will be bitter. If you want the orange flavor to focus on the orange dandruff, I have no tools to be too lazy to omit.

  2. The butter is softened, added with sugar, and beaten with a whisk.

  3. Beat the eggs and add them to the butter three times. Stir the eggs and butter all at once and add them again.

  4. Mix the orange and orange juice into the whipped egg paste.

  5. Flour, baking powder, soda powder are mixed and sieved, and all materials are mixed evenly.

  6. The paper cup is 8 minutes full, the middle layer of the oven, 180 degrees 18-20 minutes, the surface is golden.


For sweetening, add 10g of sugar.

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