Recipe: Orange mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange mousse


6 inch live bottom die



  1. The orange slices are boiled in advance with syrup until the white part becomes transparent. The amount of syrup is about 250 grams of water, 100 grams of sugar.

  2. Gelatine tablets soften in ice water

  3. 50 grams of whipping cream, orange pulp, sugar heated by water until the sugar melts, the gelatin tablets are squeezed into the water, stirred until the gelatin tablets melt, add yogurt, let cool

  4. Light cream ice water to 7 distribution

  5. Mix 4 and 5 and mix well

  6. The orange peel is close to the edge of the mold, put in the cake, pour half of the mousse filling, put another piece of cake, pour the remaining mousse stuffing, and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

  7. 50 grams of orange juice is heated, add the soft gelatin tablets to stir, dissolve to room temperature, pour into the surface of the frozen 6 and refrigerate for 4 hours, then blow the mold around with the hair dryer, demoulding decoration


1. The original party did not add sugar, I tasted it, it was too sour, so the sugar was temporarily added, and the amount was added, and the taste was added. 2. The cake is thick, and the two cakes are on the top of each other and the mold is high. The mousse stuffing is left, and the middle part of the mirror is white, because the mousse filling in the middle part is too small. Next time to do 2 eggs, a thin point 3. Don't cook the orange peel for a long time, cook until the white part is transparent. 4. The light yellow flower on the cake is carved on the apple with a fondant tool. The original is not me. It is a different sea. My cake is an East copy.

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