Recipe: Orange jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange jelly



  1. Material: 400g of squeezed orange juice (added a part of water), fish film 10G (the finished product is softer, if you like a bit more Q, or to make it easier to demould, you can add more fish film), honey is appropriate

  2. Cut the peeled and white part of the orange (the white part must be cut clean, otherwise the jelly will be bitter, the orange does not need to be cut too small, so it can better retain the water)

  3. Cut the oranges into a clean cooking machine and juice them. (The cooking machine is washed with boiling water and it is more hygienic. It is very important for children to eat. The tools used are best to be boiled.)

  4. The beaten orange juice should be filtered with a fine mesh and the foam should be removed. (The orange juice is very strong. I added some cold water, 300G orange juice to 100G water, or you can add cold water directly to the cooking machine.)

  5. Fish film soaked in soft boiled water to soft

  6. The soft fish film is insulated and melted (the water temperature is not too high, it can melt. The water temperature is too high, which affects the coagulation force of the fish film)

  7. Mix and melt the melted fish film and orange juice, add appropriate amount of honey according to taste and mix well.

  8. Put the orange juice into the silicone mold and put it in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. (Remember to put a hard thing under the silicone mold, it is easier to put it. Because I added less fish film, so the first demoulding It’s very difficult to take off, use a hair dryer to blow it slightly, and it will be turned. After that, it will be directly frozen in the frozen and then demoulded, and it will be very good. It can be eaten directly as a popsicle, or it can be warmed to softness in the refrigerator. When jelly eats)

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