Recipe: Orange jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange jelly


It’s super simple and delicious, with the remaining orange juice.



  1. The agar is soaked in water, placed in a small bowl of orange juice, heated to complete dissolution (do not have to be boiled, but must be completely dissolved)

  2. When drying to warm, add 1 small bowl of orange juice and mix well; pour into the jelly mold, put it in the refrigerator and freeze to solidify


Usually, the ratio of agar to water is about 1:100/g. The specific taste of water will be softer. The agar of the agar has a bit of Q. The jelly can be added to the jelly solution. The freezing point of the agar is about Below 40 °, you can also do not put the refrigerator, of course, better after refrigerating.

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