Recipe: Orange honey chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange honey chicken wings


Fragrance, sweet and sour The scent of orange in the chicken wings makes every mouth fascinating.



  1. Wash the chicken wings and drain the water, add marinade and mix well.

  2. Fresh oranges cut off the surface of the skin, the white part of the inside can not be used

  3. Chicken wings with cut orange peel and 200ML uniform orange

  4. Marinate in the freezer for more than 2 hours

  5. Marinated chicken wings wrapped in a thin layer of dry powder, fry in a pan until golden on both sides

  6. Put a little oil in the pan and pour in the remaining 100ML of orange and 1 tablespoon of orange jam.

  7. Pour 1 tbsp of honey after boiling over medium heat

  8. Drain the fried chicken wings into the pot and cook until simmered

  9. Turn the chicken wings over and cook until the juice is thick.

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