Recipe: Orange ginger hot drink

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange ginger hot drink


Warm body hot drinks are the best in winter~ Oranges, honey, and ginger are mixed together, one cup goes down, the winter is warm and ~ Transfer from voce~



  1. Cut the oranges in half, squeeze or use the tool to squeeze the orange juice and pour it into the pot.

  2. For the rest, peel off the orange peel and spread it in a baking tray with tin foil for 180 minutes and 10 minutes to bake the micro-joule.

  3. The orange juice in the pot is boiled with honey and water.

  4. Ginger mince

  5. Inject the hot drink into the cup, add the micro-focus orange and ginger, and drink it hot.


1. Orange: It has the effects of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, removing phlegm, shunning, and quenching thirst. Tangerine, the reticulated meridian on the orange stalk, has the effect of clearing collaterals, shun qi and promoting blood circulation, and is often used to treat stasis and cough. Ginger: hurricane, solution, and stomach, warming pain Honey: skin care and beauty, promote digestion, improve immunity, improve sleep, lungs and cough 2. The dosage can be adjusted according to your own taste. 3. Drink hot!

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