Recipe: Orange Fragrance Madeleine (Vegetable Oil Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange Fragrance Madeleine (Vegetable Oil Edition)


Madeleine, a classic French dessert, a charming shell shape, a towering belly, a soft and delicate taste, so you can't extricate yourself if you bite a bite. This orange fragrant Madeleine replaces the butter with vegetable oil, and at the same time adds a lot of orange peel, which is richer in taste and lower in calories. Interested kitchenrs can try it. Fang Zi referenced the free sister's Madeleine cake. The mold is a 12-piece mold of Hi-Baked.



  1. Return the eggs to room temperature, use a manual egg beater to break up, add the fine sugar and mix well, do not need to send the eggs.

  2. Add a little vanilla extract and orange peel and mix well.

  3. Pour the low powder, baking powder and salt into the sieve and continue to stir evenly with the whisk until the mixture is thick and muddy.

  4. Add the vegetable oil and mix well, then put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

  5. Take out the temperature to a certain degree of fluidity and then load it into the piping bag. (I used the spoon directly)

  6. Squeeze into the mold that was previously oiled and dusted, about 8 minutes full.

  7. The oven is preheated to 180 degrees, the middle layer, and the fire is 10-13 minutes. (Adjusted according to the temperature of your own oven)

  8. After the furnace is released, it is hot-released and cooled on a cooling rack.


1. Use a room temperature egg and pick a large number of eggs. 2. Stir the egg and add sugar well, do not have to send it. 3. The mold needs to be thinly smeared with a layer of butter and sprinkled with high powder for anti-stick treatment. 4. This recipe can make about 14 cakes. The extra cake paste is baked in a paper cup and the belly is very drum.

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