Recipe: Orange duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange duck


Since I was thirsty from the farm, I ate an orange. Can I add orange peel to my duck? . . . . . . The experiment was successful.



  1. First clean the ducks into pieces, not too small, the ducks will become thinner when they burn.

  2. Hot oil pan, oil should not be too much, put ginger, cinnamon, ginger in the oil to fry slightly, wait for the fragrance, pour the duck pieces and stir fry until the duck is discolored, add beer (yellow wine is braised duck, to Add water, wine can be more), beer is poured, no duck meat for the amount, add soy sauce and soy sauce, soy sauce, color, fresh.

  3. Cover the lid of the fire to boil, simmer, the key is coming, add orange peel, the meat will be eaten, and turn to a small fire stew.

  4. Let it slowly stew, why should you go, of course, can not go out, hehe. I am going to help the ducks turn over every fifteen minutes. It must be time to master.

  5. After the duck is crispy, add the amount of sugar to open the medium to collect the juice. Finally, add the chicken essence to start the pot. Generally, the soy sauce and the sugar chicken essence are added. I didn't add it.

  6. Salt is added according to your taste.


Remember to use a small fire to slowly stew, or if the duck is not crispy, the soup is dried.

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