Recipe: Orange card cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange card cookie


Card biscuits are the basis of baking. Generally, there are friends who are new to getting started. We will push the biscuits first, but there are also problems. Home baking rarely adds industrial additives, so it is usually good to eat good biscuits, good biscuit taste. It was worse on the top. Most of the good things mentioned here refer to the shape of the card biscuits. I am an appearance association, so I have been looking for a recipe for delicious card-shaped biscuits. This time the recipe is the most satisfactory and I plan to keep it.



  1. Soften the butter, first stir it, then add the powdered sugar to the fluffy white

  2. Add vanilla extract, then add the egg mixture three times, each time you need to stir until you can't see the egg liquid and add it again.

  3. Sift in low powder, add orange dander under almost stirring, mix well into dough, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

  4. Put the dough into a fresh-keeping bag and press it into a flat piece, then knead it into a thin piece of about 5 mm.

  5. Use the mold you like to press out the shape, carefully put the carved biscuit on the baking tray, or directly under the pad to resist the baking red edge silicone pad, the cover is covered with plastic wrap.

  6. Then remove the plastic wrap, press out the shape and remove the excess corners. The biscuits are left on the silicone mat.

  7. Baking: 190 degrees, about 8 minutes on the upper layer of the oven


1. Put the eggs to room temperature in advance. 2. When baking the sheet, bake paper or plastic wrap, it can be anti-adhesive. 3. The orange peel is sliced ​​into pieces with a lemon, and then cut into pieces. Otherwise, the edges are easy to cut and not neat. If the orange peel is cut out at the edges, it can be finished by hand and folded to the back. 4. If you feel that the dough is too soft and difficult to operate, you can put it back in the refrigerator for a while and then continue. Dough as much as possible to reduce the repeated pressure. 5. The biscuits are cooked quickly, try to observe them at any time, or at least ensure that the first furnace is observed and the time is determined. The biscuits are slightly colored around the bottom, and the color is too dark for a long time. Generally according to the thickness of the oven and the temperature of the oven, 170 degrees -190 degrees, 8-10 minutes is almost the same. 6. Baked biscuits can be decorated with meringue or chocolate. I am lazy and it is plain. 7. The taste of orange peel is very fresh, the taste is very special, crispy. . 8. This recipe can also be used to make suede. . Try it. .

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