Recipe: Orange bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange bean dregs


I played soy milk, and the thick orange-flavored bean dregs were reluctant to throw them. I found a recipe on the kitchen and adjusted it slightly. It tastes good! This recipe was recorded for myself. Ma Fen had already pulled all of it in the stomach, so I pulled a picture casually... I made 4 small muffin cups.



  1. Orange Bean Dregs: When you add soy milk, you can put the candied orange peel on it. The amount is according to your own preference. I use the orange peel that I made myself. It is quite a lot and the taste is strong.

  2. Mix all materials, stir, and add water, depending on the batter

  3. The middle layer of the oven is 180 degrees, about 24 minutes


Beat the soy milk, the soybeans are almost a little and a half, the water is put to 1.1-1.2 liters, the candied orange peel is estimated to be 50-60 grams, only a lot!

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