Recipe: Orange Angel Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange Angel Cake


Eliminate the big killer of protein! The recipe for the cake body is based on the 'Cranberry Angel Cake' Https:// (I use a 6-inch cake mold)



  1. Take the orange dermabrasion, pickle it with white sugar (outside the amount), take the orange juice and juice for use;

  2. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the protein, send it to the coarse foam, add the 'fine sugar A' three times, and send it to dry foaming;

  3. Sift the low-gluten flour into the well-dried protein and mix well until there is no dry powder;

  4. Add candied orange dander and mix well;

  5. The batter is poured into the mold to shake out the large bubbles;

  6. Oven 180°, bake for about 35 minutes; (adjust temperature according to your own oven)

  7. When baking the cake, make orange syrup, take half of the orange juice, add 'fine granulated sugar B', heat slowly (should stir with a wooden spoon in the process) until it becomes slightly viscous syrup;

  8. After the cake is baked, take out the toothpick and poke about 20 small holes. Brush the orange syrup and let it cool.


I don’t like sweet girls to reduce sugar, I love sweet, this amount of sugar just tastes good~

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