Recipe: Open smile

Home Cooking Recipe: Open smile


Open smile ~ also called "sesame smile mouth" "muck ball" ~ a traditional snack ~ from the beginning of memory with me always eat a big snack ~ used to buy before ~ ​​later learned It's done by yourself~ and a piece of dough (200g of flour) can be fried for thirty or forty. If you can't finish it, you can store it in a food bag or a crisper at room temperature for 3-5 days~ Children like it very much~ Every friend The party or the festival will be fried in a pot~ everyone will "smile" ~~~



  1. Take a pot and first put egg + sugar + baking soda + salad oil and mix evenly into a paste. Stir until the sugar is roughly melted. Then add the flour and water to synthesize the dough. The dough is not easy to be used for a long time. The group can be ~ soft hardness reference your earlobe ~ hand squeeze the earlobe try ~ don't be too soft ~ not well formed ~

  2. Dough and cover the plastic wrap or buckle a bowl for 15 minutes~ Then put the dough on the panel like a dumpling and knead it into strips, cut into small pieces with a knife, about 10g each, not too big to fry, When you are squatting, avoid sticking and sprinkle a little dry flour to make powder.

  3. Cut the small dough into a ball by hand. After all the dough is finished, use the hand or brush to damp the ball to wet the dough (wet it evenly), then damp the sticky sesame seeds, stick it later. Use your hand to round it and let the sesame stick firmly. Burn a pot of oil. The depth of the oil should be able to pass the ball. Warm up to 140-150 degrees and enter the ball. Turn the ball to a small fire and let the ball expand and crack. When it reaches a certain level, it will be fired to golden brown. The whole process of bombing is about 3 minutes~


The dough is not easy to rub for a long time, don't be strong, otherwise the dough is not easy to form~ Stick the sesame seeds to the round again with your hands, avoid the sesame seeds when you fry. When the fried, the oil temperature is not too high. Watch the ball around, you can always bubble It means that the oil temperature is enough~ Before the pot is fired, it is necessary to open a large fire to raise the oil temperature and avoid the oil.

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