Recipe: Open sea fried beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Open sea fried beans


I like to order olive vegetables and stir-fry beans for lunch. I am very happy. If you don’t have olive vegetables at home, you can use the ocean instead of le. Anyway, it’s savory.



  1. Cold pot hot oil, oil can be more ginger, garlic, dried chili peppers, open the artichokes, smashed the scallions, throw the beans into the stir fry until discolored, cover the lid for thirty seconds.

  2. I like to leave half of the garlic and open the ocean, stir-fry half into it, and feel the scent is more full. At this time, you can throw the cardamom and the thirteen flavor powder together, and stir-fry and simmer for thirty seconds. About three times or so, it has been stir-fry. I feel that the skin of the bean is a little wrinkled. Just fine, you can also taste, beans must be cooked, or easy to poison. The last sugar, salt, chicken essence.

  3. Oh, good meal.


Prepare all the spices before cooking, put them in a small dish, and pour the powder into the spoon. Otherwise, the desk is very messy.

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