Recipe: Open onion oil noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Open onion oil noodles



  1. After the ocean is washed, it is soaked with yellow wine, drained and peeled off the remaining shrimp shells. Now there are more and more shrimp shells left in the open ocean. It doesn't seem to work. I remember that the previous open ocean was very clean, and there was no shrimp shell.

  2. Open the ocean and put it in the pot, add some scallion oil, and slowly simmer the scent

  3. 煸 开 开 开 洋 发 发 发 发 发 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变 变

  4. After the ignition is boiled, taste the taste and adjust it according to your own taste. If it is suitable, you can turn off the fire.

  5. Use a large skillet and add boiling water to boil

  6. Shake the fine surface and put it into the pot, use the chopsticks to disperse

  7. Add half a bowl of cold water after boiling, turn it on and turn to medium heat

  8. Cook until the noodles, remove the noodles, drain the water on the colander

  9. Add the noodles to the noodle bowl and add the open noodles and sauce to the noodles.

  10. 舀 2 spoons of scallions, then add some shallots, mix well when eating

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