Recipe: Open boiled dried silk

Home Cooking Recipe: Open boiled dried silk


Open-cooked dried silk is a Daozhou cuisine, using ordinary raw materials to make high-end dishes.



  1. First open the ocean with water or yellow wine

  2. The tofu is dried into a piece of paper, and then the piece is cut into filaments. The finer the wire is cut, the better the professional chef can make a piece of dried tofu. We are amateurs, so there is no such high requirement. It can be cut into the thickness of a matchstick.)

  3. After the water is boiled, pour the dried silk into a hot boil, and when it is cooled to 30 to 50 degrees, dry the water. Repeat this 3 times, you can go to the bean flavor.

  4. Heat the wok, put the right amount of oil (preferably lard), a little ginger and chopped green onion, soaked open ocean (soaked open ocean water or yellow wine for use), pour out the aroma, pour in dried silk, chicken soup and soaked Open ocean water or rice wine, the amount of soup is just covered with no dry silk. Do not add salt at this time, otherwise the soup will not be thick. After the soup is boiled, cover it with medium and small heat for 10 minutes. After the soup is milky white, add a little salt and chicken powder to taste, boil and then pan.


When the dried silk is removed from the soybean meal, it is best to be hot, not to cook in the pot, otherwise it is easy to break.

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