Recipe: Onion with bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion with bitter gourd



  1. After the raw materials are washed, the onion is cut into thin filaments and bitter melon slices.

  2. Put the pot on the water, after the water is opened, put a small amount of salt, add the onion, simmer for one minute, pick up the shower and drain the water.

  3. Then put the bitter gourd into the pot, drown for about two minutes, pick up the shower and drain the water.

  4. Put the onion and bitter gourd in a large bowl, add all the seasonings, and mix well.


1, onion can also be mixed, but after mixing directly, it is easy to stimulate the stomach, you have to put it in the refrigerator for more than an hour, I am too troublesome, and do not like some spicy taste, directly drowning, save trouble good to eat. 2, can not stand the bitter melon bitter friend, after the bitter gourd sliced, add some salt, then squeeze out the water after the water, then wash with water, then drowning, so basically can not eat bitter melon, but nutrition will also Discount!

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