Recipe: Onion thick sauce ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion thick sauce ribs


Large meat dish suitable for summer Thick sauce ribs are a housekeeping dish that must be done every time. Although it is often but not ordinary, the thick sauce ribs with white rice or spaghetti are superb, not only for dinner, but also for appetizing. Although the meat is slightly more, it is sweet and sour, and it is a hot dish that is suitable for eating in the summer.



  1. The ribs are preferably cut into long lengths like the middle finger, washed and drained, and the onions are peeled off.

  2. The ribs are discharged into an appropriate amount of starch and stirred by hand until each piece is covered with starch. The sauce that comes out in this way will be rich.

  3. Onion cut small

  4. Put a little oil in the non-stick pan, fry the ribs wrapped in starch and fry until golden brown

  5. Put in the onion and fry until the scent

  6. Put in soy sauce and oyster sauce. Continuously stir fry until the surface of the ribs is colored, and the flame is turned off.

  7. Into the pressure cooker

  8. Put in a bowl of water and wipe half of the ingredients. 10 minutes after venting

  9. Uncover, if this is not thick enough, you can open it slightly, then pour in tomato sauce and boil.


1, tomato sauce with salt, all of this to the dish does not need to put salt is absolutely enough, if you are using tomato sauce, then you should put some salt. 2, the soup should be a little thick to put tomato sauce. To do this "onion thick sauce ribs", picking the best ribs is the key, it is best to buy the good ones in the big supermarket, a box of boxes! 俺 Today is the ribs bought in the market Row, the selling is not perfect, but the taste is not discounted! In addition to the onion is the absolute protagonist, there is a tomato sauce. This dish, the onion is not afraid to put more, the onion will eventually turn into Rongrong, and eat with rice, it is very pleasant!

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