Recipe: Onion squid sauce salty whole wheat shellfish - no sugar to boil the shellfish [healthy staple food]

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion squid sauce salty whole wheat shellfish - no sugar to boil the shellfish [healthy staple food]


Salty Belle, you love not to love ~ make sandwiches super delicious! Especially the cuttlefish juice feels particularly fragrant! And black and yellow is very local! Recently popular black black! Cuttlefish noodles, squid paella, cuttlefish dumplings, cuttlefish fried, uncle Mai's black burger is not pulled! The cuttlefish recipes are rare! I bought a bottle of cuttlefish juice for a pasta! It is also delicious to find bread in the New World! Cuttlefish juice is also anti-cancer! I have never cooked syrup before I do it. Because of the waste of sugar, it is also possible for the kitchen friends to brainstorm and use baking soda, without too much attention. It is also possible to cook black beet nuts without baking soda! More waste of sugar! eat by yourself! Save money first! The role of sugar is mainly color and gloss!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Onion crisps are like this.

    Onion crisps are like this.

  2. Put the bread ingredients in addition to the onion crisp and butter into the bread machine, knead the dough to a smooth surface, pull out the thicker film and add the softened butter and onion to the expansion stage.

  3. Divide the kneaded dough into 6 small doughs, and roll the cover with a plastic wrap for about 15-20 minutes.

  4. Draw the loose dough into an oval shape according to the flat exhaust. After turning over the surface, fold it inward at 3/1 from top to bottom. Fold the bottom to the top by 3/1, then fold it in half. When folding, be sure to pinch. Press the hand at the interface

  5. Then knead the dough to a length of about 20 cm, first press it with the palm of your hand and then flatten it with a rolling pin (as thin as possible), and put a piece of unpressed dough on the flattened bag to wrap it around. In a ring shape, be sure to pack tightly and close the bottom.

  6. The oil paper is divided into 6 squares, put the shaped bagels on top, and wake up for 40 minutes (adjust the fermentation time according to the speed of the fermentation of the fruit). When the time is approaching, boil the water, and after the water is opened, turn the small fire and the lower shell. After cooking for 40 seconds on both sides, put it on the oil pad baking tray.

  7. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. Baked


In winter, add a little more water if it is not fried onion with 140g.

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