Recipe: Onion, small mushroom, rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion, small mushroom, rice bowl


I said that it is not easy to do a meal for one person. In fact, I think it is very easy to get it. It can be simple or complicated, but it can be messy. Anyway, the most basic stuffing is no problem. I want to eat rice, and I am too lazy to brush a few bowls. The whole rice bowl is suitable. I think that the rice bowl is especially good for pulling the wind. It is much more foreign than the box rice. I forgot where I first eat rice and rice, as if it was in Chengdu. Or where is Gansu, a small restaurant, look at the menu, cover the rice bowl and rice bowl, very curious to order this, come up, it turns out that some soup dishes are poured on the rice, very good, satisfying me to eat rice with Small demand for cooking. I think there is another interesting name called "fried rice" which is on the Huimin Street in Xi'an. I thought about it. This is very special. Look at the name should be the food that stirs the raw rice, and it is the fried rice. good or not......  Turn over the refrigerator and the small basket, my rice bowl is on the onion and the small mushroom! Bubble washing, chopping and frying, became, squatting and eating while watching "China on the tip of the tongue"........



  1. Small flower mushrooms should be soaked (I didn't prepare in advance, so, smash into small pieces, use hot water to soak, time is not so long) slice, onion cut thin strips, chopped onion ginger garlic

  2. Heat the oil, sauté the onion, ginger and garlic, pour in the onion and stir-fry it; add the small mushroom stir fry, add small water, continue to fry; pour some fuel, continue to fry

  3. Water is mixed with some raw powder, poured into a quick-fried pot and continue to stir fry. Adjust some salt (not a lot, because the oyster sauce is salty), the soup becomes thick, turn off the fire, and the dish is cooked on rice.

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