Recipe: Onion potato cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion potato cake


A dish that I saw on TV, I tried it, and I like it!



  1. Onion shredded silk

  2. Peel the potatoes, steam on the pan or cook in the microwave

  3. When steaming potatoes, you can fry the onions to the pan.

  4. Pick up the onion, drain

  5. Cooked potatoes are crushed into puree and onions

  6. Beat the eggs, add the potatoes and the onions, mix well

  7. Pan into the oil pan to the surface micro-focus

  8. Take the pot and buckle into the plate


Very casual dish, like onions, put more onions, do not like eggs, you can not add. Feel free to go. Anyway, how to make potatoes is delicious. ≧▽≦

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