Recipe: Onion noodles - that is what Wang Han did in the sky every day.

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion noodles - that is what Wang Han did in the sky every day.


Last night, I watched every day. In addition to feeling that the sheep and goats are so good, I am most concerned about the scallions that Wang Hanhan mentioned! It is said that Lele sister taught it! Quick and delicious - I made breakfast this morning! Well, it’s really good~ I’ve put it into a recipe here~ I’ve got a little friend and welcome to upload the work and share it with everyone! ~(≧▽≦)/~ Many small partners are asking: Do not put salt? Unified answer: Salt has never been a necessity for cooking. If your fresh soy sauce is salty enough, I don't know what else is necessary to put salt. Of course, if you don't like soy sauce, then put salt. No process and ingredients are fixed for cooking, only good food is what we pursue.



  1. Put the water in the pot, cook until it is slightly boiled, put it into the noodles, and cook until soft.

  2. If you like to eat soft noodles, you can close the lid and turn it on for a while. If you like tough, you can remove it directly, drain it after cooling water.

  3. Put the noodles of the drained water into the bowl, add the appropriate amount of fresh soy sauce, sugar, and chopped green onion on top. Don't stir!

  4. Heat the oil in a pan, heat the oil until it is slightly smoked, turn off the oil, quickly pour the oil into the noodle bowl and pour it on the chopped green onion! At this time, you will hear the sizzling sound~ Be careful not to burn! !

  5. carry out! After mixing, you can start it~~ Super fast tastes good~


1. When cooking the noodles, be careful not to wait until the water is all boiling and cook again. It is not easy to cook like that. 2, onions, it is very important! The best green onions ~ green onions will definitely be a little bit ~ 3, may not have written clearly before everyone pay attention! After the noodles are cooked, you will not get into a bowl after passing the water~

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