Recipe: Onion mixed with eight belts

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion mixed with eight belts


Just recently, I still like to eat this dish. Living in Qingdao, eating seafood is convenient. 130505~



  1. Eight belts are handled well (the internal organs, teeth, eyes, etc. are removed), washed, cut or cut to the appropriate size. The green onions are cut into filaments.

  2. Drain the eight belts for two minutes, then quickly cool.

  3. Mix the good eight-band and green onions, add vinegar, soy sauce, salt, sugar and chicken essence, mix well.


1, eight belts drowning time should not be too long, otherwise it will be old. It is very important to be too cold, so that the meat is tender and tender. 2, the proportion of vinegar must be greater than soy sauce, vinegar and eight belts are very good. 3, white sugar can not be lacking, very refreshing ~

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