Recipe: Onion, minced meat, egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion, minced meat, egg roll


The egg skin is chewy, bite down, full of delicious gravy, and the scent of shallots, you can't help but clip a few more pieces~



  1. After the eggs are put into a bowl and beaten, add a little water starch (about 10ML) and mix well (to increase the coagulation force of the egg liquid)

  2. After a few meats are washed, cut into cubes, then knead into minced meat, add a little ginger, and then add in a bowl and add salt, chicken, pepper, cooking wine, beautiful fresh soy sauce, a little egg liquid and chopped green onion

  3. Put a little oil in the pot and heat it to a warm heat. Pour the egg mixture into the bottom of the pot. Always use a small fire to slowly wait for the egg to solidify. Then carefully shovel the side of the pot and fry the egg.

  4. The fried egg skin is placed in a dish, covered with a layer of minced meat, and then rolled into strips.

  5. Boil the steamer water in a big fire, add the egg roll, steam for 8 minutes on medium heat, and remove a little sesame oil.


This dish is still very simple to do. The only troublesome thing may be the omelet skin. It is really embarrassing to say that I am still the first time to fry the egg skin. I have not done it before, so the egg skin is not fried. Very good, fried egg skin I use a pan, put a little oil, keep the minimum fire, slowly pour the egg liquid until solidified and gently shovel the egg skin along the edge. After this fried, I will have a lot of experience. Next time I can cook a beautiful whole egg skin.

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