Recipe: Onion ginger soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion ginger soup


The weather is warm and cold, and the hoe is out of school and the nose is not ventilated, and the cold is a precursor. After a few hours after the meal, take a few minutes to cook a bowl of ginger and onion soup. The ginger is cold and the onion is ventilated. There are children with colds in the family, and the initial cold, this formula is very aura. My family tried Bailing. Now the symptoms of the cold have basically disappeared, and I have slept safely.



  1. Washed onions

  2. Ginger slice

  3. Put them in a cold water pot and boil them together. Turn to low heat for five minutes.


When cooking, I usually keep the onions that I don't use. After drying, the sealed box is kept. It is best not to add salt to the soup.

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