Recipe: Onion ginger fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion ginger fried crab



  1. Wash the shell of the crab with a small brush, peel off the crab cover, remove the white east side, cut off the end of the crab foot, rinse carefully with water, and cut in half (you can also cut into four). Drain, take dry flour at the cut crab belly

  2. Sliced ​​green onions, partially chopped green onion; ginger sliced ​​ginger

  3. Heat the pan on the fire, pour the appropriate amount of oil, put the crab belly on the dry flour into the pan, make the surface knot, then stir fry to make the crab shell red,

  4. Into the onion segment of ginger slices, pour the crab, add wine, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, add appropriate amount of water and cover the boil, until the soup becomes thick, add sugar, MSG, stir fry evenly, sprinkle with chopped green onion, sprinkle You can


1. The crab is best used for frying. The crab meat is delicious and the shell is not very hard. It is easy to bite. 2, because the crab is cold, so add more ginger when making crab dishes. 3, the price of crab is relatively cheap, I bought five yuan a pound. Really very cheap and good. 4, I love this dish very much. Wen Wen is too lazy to peel herself, help her peel off the crab meat and she also loves to eat. But her father doesn't like to eat this, it is annoying. 5, now there are more sea cargo, you can buy it and taste it. 6, buy crabs, you must choose fresh, heavy weight, crab feet hard.

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