Recipe: Onion ginger, big lobster, two sides yellow

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion ginger, big lobster, two sides yellow


This dish sells red and hot, the two sides are crispy and slightly salty, and the shrimp is tender and sweet. It should also bear the role of an important staple in the New Year's Eve.



  1. Large lobster brush clean; onion cuts and a little chopped green onion, ginger slices

  2. Shanghai cooked fried noodles are boiled for a few minutes, dried for use

  3. Boil the cauldron and immerse the lobster head and pliers in the boiling water until the lobster is no longer active, about 5 minutes.

  4. Remove the lobster, after a little cool, use a knife to cut the body part of the lobster in half and take a little dry starch.

  5. Cover the shrimp pliers with a paper towel and use a knife to knock the shrimp pliers. Be careful not to break open, there is a crack.

  6. Put a little cooking oil in the pan, sprinkle a little salt, add the chopped green onion after the oil is hot.

  7. Add the fried noodles to the bottom of the pan, carefully fry until the bottom is slightly browned; turn over, also fry until browned, and spread out at the bottom of the plate

  8. Take another big pot, add the oil to the hot oil, stir the onion and ginger slices for a while, add the whole lobster stir fry, carefully turn over and keep the whole body intact.

  9. The shell of the shrimp in the body part also turns red, and the shrimp is discolored (about 5 minutes). Immediately spray a little white wine and add a little white sugar.

  10. Add half a cup of broth to boil, a little water starch to thicken, remove the lobster and spread it on both sides of the yellow, then pour the simmer on top.


Both sides are yellow, which is an authentic Shanghai home-cooked pasta practice. Usually the toppings are topped with meat or seafood with oyster sauce; this dish uses the specialty Maine lobster from Maine, USA, and stir-fried with onion and ginger. Suitable for the taste of the Chinese; two sides of the yellow lobster, it seems to be considered an unreliable creative way to eat.

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