Recipe: Onion, garlic, chili oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion, garlic, chili oil


An aunt sent me a bottle of this kind of chili oil. It was delicious and unexpected. After eating it, I wanted to try it myself. According to the above ingredients, I made it myself. It turned out to be so simple! ! I added shrimp and added more fragrant ~~~ with fried rice, radish cake, all delicious! ! This is a simple XO sauce! ~ Although there is no scallop, but the shrimp is put, it is very fragrant!



  1. Dry onions, peeled and washed and chopped; garlic smashed into the end; dry peppers and fresh peppers are wiped clean, cut into small pieces, divided into two; shrimp and soaked in water, slightly smashed into the end, not too thin.

  2. Hot oil, the oil is warm until the pepper is put down and you start to take a small bubble to turn off the small fire, then put all the: [dry pepper, fresh pepper, pepper, pepper, star anise] small fire until no longer bubbling, that is, draining It is.

  3. Use a colander to remove all the fish from the oil. After the blue, put all the dried shallots and minced garlic and continue to fry. (Because it is much more, so stir it up with a spoon while stirring, stir for a while and stop for a while...) Boil until the beginning of golden.

  4. After seeing the golden start, add the shrimp and sesame. (Attention! You can't wait for the golden rice and then put the sesame and sesame seeds. You have to start to see the yellowing, then the shrimp will not be fried and the coriander will be burnt!!)

  5. Continue to stir up and stop. You can turn off the fire until you see the dried onions and minced garlic darker than the golden color. (After the color is almost the same, you can't fire any more, because there will be some residual temperature after the oil is turned off. The dried green onions will continue to fry in the inside. After the oil is cold, the dried onions will be almost black and red but not burnt.)

  6. Stir the fire and stir it. Add the appropriate amount of salt and chili powder. Stir well and store in a jar! ~


1. Dry onions and minced garlic do not need to be mashed into mud, and they become ok when they are fine. It is too thin and easy to burn off. And the two suggest to put more, because it is garlic oil! ~ 2. Put a lot of big bubbles after putting onions, don't be afraid to disappear in a while; remember to have a small fire, and the time of the bombing is a little longer, about 15 minutes. After the fried to golden darkness, it is necessary to turn off the fire! Otherwise, the green onions that are soaked in oil are easy to burn off, and the bitterness is not good. 3. There is no difference between shrimp and sesame seeds. It is not very fragrant, and there is a icing on the cake! After I fry it, a bowl of chili oil is about 3/4 of the dried onion and minced garlic. ! This is the second time, the first test failed, because the frying, so the back is very important! The key to success or failure!

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