Recipe: Onion fungus fried yuba

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fungus fried yuba


Very simple to match, very simple, but both the taste and taste of the ingredients are very rich.



  1. Onion cuts; fungus, yuba soaked hair, fungus recommended small autumn ears, round shape, small head, thick taste.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, medium heat, 60% hot, the onion, stir-fry until the spread into pieces, the fragrance, add the fungus to the fire.

  3. While stirring, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce; when the onion is transparent and the fungus begins to blast, turn to medium heat and pour into the cut yuba.

  4. Add the appropriate amount of oyster sauce, stir well, cover the lid and simmer for a while to make the yuba taste;


Both soy sauce and oyster sauce are salty and fresh compound seasonings. They are fresher and moister than salt and sugar. Pay attention to the heat and stir-fry time. The onion is cooked and not simmered. The yuba is soft and not broken. It is the best taste. This dish should use purple onion, more flavor, yellow onion taste sweet, not easy to change color, suitable for soup, stew; like to eat spicy, you can use the dried chili in the oil pan to pick out the spicy taste.

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