Recipe: Onion fungus fried with parsley

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fungus fried with parsley


Today, after picking up the children to go to the supermarket to buy food, my son suddenly said to eat celery. I remembered the dish that my parents often fry when they were in Zhuhai. Just when they had onions at home, they bought parsley and fungus. This is a quick-to-eat dish, with a light taste, fresh appetizer, and a good meal. ...... This stinky boy went to the table and played on the table!



  1. Wash the material. Cut the parsley; cut the onion, the length of the two can be estimated; if the fungus is relatively large, it can be torn into small pieces.

  2. Hot oil pan, under a ginger pot.

  3. The onion is fried and scented.

  4. Under the parsley and fungus, stir-fry until the juice, stir fry with salt.


The weight of the dish is roughly estimated by me and does not have to be strictly observed. I use the small parsley that is used locally for seasoning, so there are a lot of trees, and it seems that the number is very scary. In fact, the ordinary celery may be more than one. Basically, the three will keep the same amount, and the amount of one can be used. Don't fry too old, but stir the onions to a spicy taste. Keep the three ingredients crisp and sweet. You can add some chicken MSG flavoring before the pan.

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