Recipe: Onion fruity yak chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fruity yak chops


In fact, the classification of beef is really much more serious than pork, and it is much more complicated. A successful beef dish, from the purchase to the pickling to the heat, the learning is not a general drop, it is said that the cooking school tutorial in the whole year can not finish.



  1. Onion shredded;

  2. Oven preheating 375F (180C)

  3. The aluminum foil paper is flattened, the small cattle are discharged in the middle, and the onion is sprinkled.

  4. Drip a little red wine, apply the right amount of BBQ beef barbecue sauce

  5. Pack tightly and add a layer of aluminum foil on the outside

  6. After 2 hours of baking, take out the small steaks in the plate.

  7. Pour the gravy into a small pot and boil, add a little water to the starch

  8. Poured in a small row of cattle

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