Recipe: Onion fried steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fried steak


Chinese steak practice, the taste is so amazing!



  1. The big steaks you bought are clean, and there is time for the blood of the bubble. If you don't have time, forget it. Cut the steak horizontally into two pieces, and then cut into several pieces, the specific size according to your preference. Onion slices / strips.

  2. Add olive oil or butter to the pan and put butter on the scent. Sauté the onion and continue to fry for a while until the onion is soft. Pull the onion clams around the pot and slice the small steaks in the middle. Evenly grind some sea salt down to the onions and steak, turn it over in about a minute, and evenly grind a layer of sea salt. At this time, the steak oozes a lot of gravy, and the onions are softly stewed with gravy.

  3. Steaks can be cooked in 8 minutes, and black pepper can be ground with black pepper. I like to grind sea salt and black pepper on the side of the plate and eat it. The fragrant death is like eating meat. ^^

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