Recipe: Onion fried steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fried steak


Season with olive oil and butter, add garlic and thyme. Fry the steak with a hint of garlic and thyme. Also add the red wine and onion with the gravy of the steak. The juice is just right~ the taste is thick~ there is also a rich fruity~



  1. Steak the steak with a loose meat hammer, then dry it with a kitchen towel, sprinkle with salt and black pepper on the front and back for 10 minutes.

  2. Use a paper towel to quickly wipe off the water, add olive oil and butter to the pan, melt, add garlic and cook the aroma.

  3. Put the cows in, simmer for 3-5 minutes in medium and small heat, put thyme on the beef in the middle, and use the spoon to keep the oil on.

  4. Turn over and fry for another minute, use a hot water to heat a plate, drain the fried beef, and put it away from the stove, where the temperature is high, release the blood, and make sure the steak is not cool~

  5. Put the chopped onions in the pan of the fried steak, cook the scent on the fire, pour in the wine, add the salt and black pepper and cook it a little~

  6. Cut the thin slices of mushroom, fry the butter in the pan, add the mushroom slices to the melt, and fry the medium and small fire until the two sides are browned. This process is about 10 minutes. Be sure to control the heat. Don't paste it.

  7. It’s okay to install the plates separately~


Say a very important thing. It is the processing of steak. The steak should be dried with a kitchen towel first, then sprinkle with black pepper and salt~ marinate for 10 minutes, then quickly wipe off the water with a paper towel. Fry for 3-5 minutes, then turn it for 1 minute. ~ Do not touch the whole process, you can use the spoon to pour the seasoning oil. Let the beef taste more~ Also hot a plate in advance, let the steak not cool down, release the blood for 10 minutes, the whole process is best to maintain a certain temperature, put it in the oven or hold the stove temperature must be maintained.

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