Recipe: Onion fried barbecue

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fried barbecue



  1. Put a small amount of oil on the bottom of the pan, heat the onion slices, slightly stir-fry the aroma, without frying to the transparent

  2. Add the thawed mutton slices to the onion, stir fry

  3. The mutton starts to sip, continue to stir fry and add chili noodles

  4. The mutton begins to add salt from the effluent to the water collection, and continues to stir fry

  5. After the moisture is ready, sprinkle a lot of cumin before the pot, and evenly drain the pot.


1, the order of the three kinds of spices is first pepper, after the salt, and finally stunned, the reason is that the salt will be old, the meat will be old, can not be placed early, suddenly put the taste of the volatile barbecue is not enough, so the last addition before the pot ; 2, try to use the chili noodles do not use this kind of chili powder in my picture, one is not enough color is not good to see (sautéed barbecue does not put soy sauce, a lot of red pepper powder is the main hero of coloring), and second, the taste is not spicy enough I added that I don’t know how much I can’t reach the spicy taste. I don’t need it anymore; 3, this vegetable oil is not much, but as little as possible, the fat of the mutton slices has been quite a lot, there will be a lot of oil in the fried dish, but you need oil when you start to sauté the onion, so you can even change Let's go straight, don't scent the onion first, but stir the sheep oil and then put the onion, so that the onion can retain a certain degree of crispness and aroma, and it is also very good to eat. At the end of the last bowl of the remaining sheep's oil, I used to eat it with a steamed bun. I feel so good, but unfortunately I don't dare now; 4. If you have a good lamb in your home, then ignore the frozen lamb slices directly. Cut the lamb into thin slices and fry them in the same way. The taste will be many times more than that of the fried lamb. A fried barbecue in the kitchen is really a drooling smell.

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