Recipe: Onion fat cow

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fat cow


People who don’t eat lamb...····· However, they have scalloped lamb, I have onion beef, 哼哼~╭(╯^╰)╮ Speaking of this dish is really very fast, you can get it in a few minutes, in fact, eating meat can be so fast and there are wood! ! !



  1. Wash the onions and cut them. The fat beef slices are thawed. Ginger, slice

  2. Put the hot pot into the oil, put the onion and ginger on the scent, I have a lot of trouble, the onions are not used. ······On the onion is also onion =. =

  3. Stir-fry until the onion section, put fat beef slices, cooking wine, spicy beef sauce or Laoganma

  4. Big fire, fast fry, this time fat beef tablets may put a lot of water out, you can dump

  5. Add salt, pan


The key to this dish is fast, and the fat beef piece is too old to be too old.

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