Recipe: Onion, chicken, chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion, chicken, chicken


The recipes that were stolen from the cafeteria were 100% successful for super simple novice dishes. It was so delicious that I couldn’t help but share it with everyone.



  1. Cut the chicken leg meat into small pieces, use raw powder, white pepper, and soy sauce.

  2. Hot pot hot oil, stir the chicken leg meat to the golden yellow of the skin, put the three large onion chips cut, pour the appropriate amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, white pepper and stir well

  3. Cover the lid and cook for half an hour. When the onion is soft, it is almost transparent and out of the pan!


1. There is no need to add water during cooking. The onion itself contains more water. The last soup of this dish comes from onion 2. When cooking, remember to turn it slightly to prevent the bottom of the paste. 3. The taste is slightly sweet. The good food from onion and rice.

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