Recipe: Onion Carrot Basil Ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion Carrot Basil Ribs


Onion carrots and basil ribs made with Taji pot =. = The combination of your own casual experiment, I feel pretty good to eat ~ The following is the weight of dinner for 2 people



  1. Marinate the ribs one night in advance, directly salt + pepper + basil, then marinate at room temperature for half an hour and then throw the refrigerator

  2. When you want to eat, take it out in advance and unfreeze it. Don't flush it~

  3. Chopped onions, chopped carrots

  4. Put the onion on the bottom, then put the carrots, then put the ribs on top, no need to add other seasonings.

  5. Get angry, cook! First fire after a big fire, you can cook in 20 minutes~enjoy it~

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