Recipe: Onion blasting beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion blasting beef


In Beijing, regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the supermarket freezer is full of fat beef fat sheep, cheap and delicious, ready to come back to the hot pot. Eat the rest of the beef and mutton slices? The usual method is to smash a hot pot for destruction, but the family is generally not ordinary, because a hot pot basically puts down a group of people, no one has combat power, so stir-fried or sour soup, will not be wasted.



  1. Rolled water and peppercorns, a little cooking wine, cooked beef slices, drained for use;

  2. Onion shreds, hot pot hot oil, onion silk and ginger and garlic slices together, fragrant beef slices under the water, salt, chicken, a little raw stir-fry;

  3. Add cumin powder, parsley, stir well.


a. When the scalding beef is like a hot pot, pick up a piece of meat, so that the meat is not cooked; b. The fat beef slices are already cooked. When you fry, just stir the other ingredients together and stir them. Don’t stir them for a long time. The fat cows will be old.

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