Recipe: Onion beef pie

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion beef pie


Yesterday I made a beef pie, with its perfect onion classmates, the taste is really good, and the beef has a lot of water in it, so the taste is not dry, the skin is thick and stuffy, hey, the important thing is The skin is a kind of meringue feeling, ate the fragrant.



  1. The flour is firstly mixed with warm water to form a small dough, and then cold water is added to form a smooth dough (softer than the dumpling skin). Put it aside, cover the surface with a wet rag and wake up for 20 minutes.

  2. Shallots, ginger and minced

  3. Onion minced

  4. Beef stuffing with soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, cooking wine, black pepper powder, sesame oil, cooking oil and evenly mixed

  5. Add onion ginger onion

  6. Mix well

  7. Add an egg, add the right amount of water, stir in the same direction, and pour the water into the minced meat to make the meat into a paste.

  8. Take out the dough and divide it into the size that your panel can withstand (I divided 2) and then knead the dough into a large dough.

  9. Spread the oil evenly on the surface of the dough, then sprinkle the flour, mix the flour and cooking oil with a spoon to form a layer of pastry

  10. Rolling the skin from the lower end to the upper end, in a long tube shape

  11. According to the size of the desired beef patties, cut the dough into a suitable size.

  12. Then squash the agent and knead the rolling pin into a suitable dough.

  13. Put in the meat, close the dough like a bun, don't let the filling inside reveal

  14. Put a little oil in the pot, put a small fire, put the pie, close the mouth, then apply the amount of flour to the hand, press down on the surface and press it into a pie of the right size.

  15. Fry two sides of golden


1. When you are stuffing beef, remember to stir in one direction, so that the meat can be slurried. 2. Watering the beef stuffing can make the filling taste moist and not dry. 3. There are conditions for children's shoes with frozen skin to add some skin to the inside, so that the cake skin will not be wet before the pot is finished, and the finished product has the feeling of soup. 4, when you put the pot into the pie, the hand must be diluted with the amount of dry flour, otherwise it is easy to break the skin. 5, small fire frying, otherwise it will cause the surface color has been coke, and the meat is still not mature.

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