Recipe: One product fresh shrimp dumpling

Home Cooking Recipe: One product fresh shrimp dumpling



  1. Rinse the fresh shrimp, put it in the refrigerator for free or freeze for a while, take out the shell and go to the gut

  2. Smashed pork and bamboo shoots

  3. Add alkaline water to the shrimp, leave it for 30 minutes, remove it and rinse it repeatedly until the alkaline water is washed off, drain the water, wrap the shrimp in a towel and wring the water thoroughly.

  4. Put the noodles and starch into the pot, pour in 130g of boiling water, stir into a dough with a rolling pin, pour for 3 minutes, then pour the salad oil into a smooth dough.

  5. Cover with a damp cloth for a while

  6. Shrimp, pork and bamboo shoots are mixed together, add salt, sugar, sesame oil, pepper, marinate for 15 minutes, stir the filling with your hands or chopsticks until the sticky

  7. The dough is divided into small doses, a thin layer of oil is applied to the back of the kitchen knife, and the small agent is pressed and pressed into a round shape with a knife back.

  8. The filling method is the same as ordinary dumplings. After the water is boiled, steam for 10 minutes to transparent.


1. Shrimp is frozen in the refrigerator, which can be easily stripped of the shrimp shell. 2. Alkaline water can make the shrimp transparent and elastic, but it should be rinsed clean. 3. Add the salad dough to the salad dough, which can be more tough. The dough should be covered with a damp cloth to prevent dry cracking. 4, shrimp without mashing can increase the taste, adding pork to increase the viscosity of the filling 5. The dough is naturally turned into a round piece by pressing the back of the knife. If a thin skin is needed, use a small amount of the agent. 6, medium and small fire steam to prevent skin cracking

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