Recipe: One of the 20 New Year's reunion dishes

Home Cooking Recipe: One of the 20 New Year's reunion dishes


The so-called annual taste may be felt in the sound of a family preparing for the New Year’s Eve and the mother’s licking of the child’s stuffing.



  1. Garlic chopped and mixed with breadcrumbs, salt and pepper to slightly change color, so you can confirm the meatballs by seasoning with breadcrumbs. After all, raw meat is not delicious. In addition, in this section, you can also add chili seeds, peppers and other flavorings. If the family can eat spicy food, after all, we do the New Year’s Eve.

  2. Chopped onion chopped with butter and caramelized cress chopped chopped

  3. Meat stuffing Onion Bread crumbs Cress Egg mix Stir in the same direction Feeling a bit irritating and tired, can be smashed into a group without sticking too much meat

  4. First make a thin meatloaf to taste the taste, if you can cook other meatballs

  5. Meatballs can be jammed according to the Swedish tradition. Some Chinese sweet and sour sauce can also be made.


The ratio of pork and beef mainly affects the slogan and taste. The 7:3 standard preparation can be adjusted according to your own taste. The main reason for choosing this dish is that it can be fried until it is half-cooked and put into the refrigerator for freezing. It can be busy in the big night. save time. And who doesn't like meatballs?

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