Recipe: One hundred percent strawberry juice

Home Cooking Recipe: One hundred percent strawberry juice


One of the favorite fruits in spring and summer is that the red and bright strawberries can't be satisfied with eating a cup of coffee. It is a must-have item on the Internet computer. ^^ Convenient and delicious.



  1. Washing strawberries

  2. Put the stalk into the mixer

  3. If you don’t add water and stir it directly, you want a photo of the recipe. It’s as thick as a fruit shake.

  4. I feel too thick to drink, it is inconvenient to add water, of course, it is better to have milk (⌒▽⌒) Ice milk is added to invincible!


1. Wash the strawberry must use salt water for 20-30 minutes. 2. Because the juice is used, it is 6-8 pieces. The feeling is more affordable. Haha and the juice is generally sweeter than eating it. It is very good. Drop 3. Feel a bit sour, add a spoonful of honey blender, ^^milk is the same ^^

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