Recipe: One-day pickles - green pepper parsley

Home Cooking Recipe: One-day pickles - green pepper parsley


The favorite dish, simple, quick, and very appetizing



  1. Wash the green pepper and parsley, chop the minced meat, put in a small bowl, sprinkle with a little salt and marinate for a while, sprinkle with parsley and sesame oil, sesame seeds, mix well.


1. Green pepper must use screw, which is a kind of pleated texture on the surface, which will naturally bend. If you choose a smooth surface, there is no spicy taste, it will not be very delicious. 2. The pickling of green pepper will fully evaporate the spicy taste of the pepper, but it will not be spicy, and the precipitation of the juice will make the taste softer. 3, coriander will lose water quickly due to salt, so it will taste better before eating. 4, this side dish can be eaten now, if the taste of the small partners can be more salted for a while, but consider food safety issues, or the longest should not exceed the next day.

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