Recipe: Omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Omelet


The recipe has made some improvements~



  1. Onions, carrots and mushrooms are minced, chicken legs are diced, and spare.

  2. Peel the tomato and cut into small pieces. Put a little water in the small pot. Add in a small piece of tomato and simmer until the tomato melts. Add the same amount of tomato sauce to the tomato. Stir well until it is boiling and turn off.

  3. After the pan is hot, pour the oil, add the onion and stir-fry the aroma. Add the chicken leg meat and stir-fry the oil. Then pour in the carrot and mushrooms and stir well.

  4. Pour in the prepared rice, slowly stir-fry it, stir well with the ingredients, pour in the appropriate amount of boiled tomato juice (with some final juice), stir well, taste, add salt and Season with black pepper and serve in the pan.

  5. 2 eggs into the container, add 1 tablespoon of milk, stir well.

  6. Heat the pan, add 1 small piece of butter, spread it evenly with a spatula, then pour in the egg liquid, quickly spread it with chopsticks, and immediately poke the big bubbles out and shake the pot to let the egg flow evenly until half The solid state can turn off the fire.

  7. After turning off the fire, put the fried rice in the middle of the egg cake, slowly wrap the egg on one side with the shovel, shake the pot and let the egg cake slowly move to the side of the pot, continue to wrap the egg skin on the rice with a shovel and then Flip down the pan to the pan.

  8. Just pour the remaining tomato sauce on the omelet.

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