Recipe: Olive vegetable minced pork with green beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive vegetable minced pork with green beans



  1. Wash the green beans, go to the head and tail, cut a small section. Cook a pot of water, put the cut green beans in the water for about five minutes, season with salt, and drain.

  2. Add a little cooking wine to the minced meat and marinate in soy sauce.

  3. Slice the garlic, cut the peppers, turn the oil into the pot, add the garlic and the pepper rings, add the boiled green beans, stir fry until slightly crumpled, pour in the minced meat and olives and continue to stir fry. Season with a pinch of salt.


The green beans must be cooked before they can be eaten. The uncooked green beans are poisonous. Every time they are afraid of unfamiliar speculation, they often scrambled the TT TT. Because there are salt added in the green beans, and there are salt in the olives, so just add a little salt, or else it will be too salty.&#;Although salty is good, but still light. Point health~ Do not like to eat spicy can not add chili ring ~

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